7K ncRNA gene set

We currently have in WormBase the ‘7K’ set of ncRNA genes as described in
the 2011 Integrative analysis modENCODE paper.

We have been looking at the new ENCODE/modENCODE Comparative analysis paper
in Nature.
This paper describes the supervised prediction of a set of ncRNA genes that
do not overlap existing genes.
It is not obvious where to get details of these predicted genes.

Is there a file of chromosomal locations of these genes that we can have?

Are these predicted ncRNA genes suitable for replacing the old ‘7K’ set of
ncRNA genes?

Hi, yes, you can get these from encodeproject.org/comparative . I do
think these can supplement the 7k.

I’d use the new set at encodeproject.org for a smaller, more high-quality & more conservative set than that in the ’10 paper. -marK