inquiry about your publication (on papillary kidney cancer)

we are working on lncRNA. We have learned a lot from you publication
“Whole-genome analysis of papillary kidney cancer finds significant
noncoding alterations” published on PLoS Genet. And we want to get more
detailed information about this study from you. Would like to tell us the
detailed final nucleotide mutated and mutation frequency in NEAT1 and

If you were kindly offering us this information, it would be very helpful
for us.

Below is the detailed mutation information in NEAT1 (BED format, hg19). The second and fifth mutations are in the same sample. The cohort size is 35.

Indel counts for RCC WGS paper

We’ve just been reading your excellent papillary RCC WGS paper- there is a
real paucity of data on papillary cases, so many thanks for this.

Sorry if I missed it, but do you happen to know the SNV and (small scale)
indel counts across the cohort? We’re especially interested in indel
mutations in RCC, and wandered what proportion of your variants were of this

For tumor SNV counts, you can find them in the supplemental table ( We also include SVs in the supplements too. Unfortunately, we do not have indels for those tumors.