Using Ethereum blockchain to store and query pharmacogenomics data via smart contracts

I found your above article quite instructive for a venture I am planning to launch that will harness the value of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to develop an ecosystem for the community of patients, providers, and r esearchers concerned with stem cell therapies. I am in the process of drafting a use case for the currency I want to issue. My question is, how would I be able to actually use some variant of your smart contract for my system?

The paper is published and the code (contract) is freely available on github – if that’s what you’re asking for. If you could be a little bit more specific, we might be able to help you better.

I have access to your journal article. My question is how can I actually implement your fastQuery technical solution? I am not an informatics specialist by any means. The other thing is I am interested in developing algorithms that are useful for analysing laboratory and clinical data in this stem cell field. Maybe you can shed some light on how I might achieve this aim. And I guess you mean the code for the fastQuery solution? sorry didn’t catch that before.

In, GeneDrugRepoV2.sol is the contract for the fastQuery solution mentioned in the paper. Charlotte and I wrote a small, lay tutorial on how to run smart contracts here: Github page also has information on how to run the implementation. I’m unfortunately not knowledgeable on the data collected in clinical settings related to stem cells so perhaps a more specificialized person in that field could be more helpful to you.