FunSeq2 data context download problem

After reading your recent paper about the FunSeq2 tool, which is very nice, I was interested to take a closer look at your data. Unfortunately, it seems that I’m not able to download the data context from . The server always drops the connection after I download about 1Gb of the compressed file, and I also can’t access at all some of the individual files, e.g. human_ancestor_GRCh37_e59.fa . Would you help me to solve this problem?

We have added a alternative link to download files:
Now you can download the files from :

“Results not accessible” @ funseq page


It is requested to kindly check your servers as results page of
"FunSeq" is not giving any kind of output. It just returns "Page not
found" after running the tool on uploaded vcf file.

We should definitely improve the server. The server deletes the results once per week. Unfortunately I cannot see you results now. I just checked the server. It does return results.

When it shows ‘Page not found’, there are several reasons. 1. the file format is incorrect. 2. no variants left after the filtering against 1000 genomes. If it is the second case, please set different values to MAF (for example, 1). 3. Funseq doesn’t analyze Indels. If there are indels, they will be filtered out. Thus if no results left, there will be an error.

If you still experience the same problem, feel free to contact us. Please give us the job id number, then I can check it for you.