Help regarding co-authorship network (PubNet)

I am trying to perform the comparison of my co-authors network with PubNet submitted network of consortium’s.

Can you please provide the PMID’s for the individual centers you have used.

It will ne easy to compare using same input you have provided.

Can you please provide PubNet access with more than 20 papers.

Actually I did the work on pubnet over 10 years ago as an undergraduate student. So I am no longer in the lab.

If you have additional questions you should direct them to Mark Gerstein. I believe the TopNet tool can be accessed here: (it seems to have been renamed to TYNA)

I am trying to access TopNet from PubNet, its not working.

Can you provide a working link for same.

I will use PMID information from PubNet gallery section for each center’s.

If I also get same network properties as in PubNet paper, than I can say created co-author network is also correct

If you click on the text label (e.g. "NESG") it will show you PMIDs for the query:

You can explore further in the “text view” link near the bottom.