Data access in Psychencode repository

Q: Would you be able to point me to the repository where all these data are stored? I am looking into the Psychencode repository in synapse but it’s not clear if all the data presented in the publications are included in there and if so, are grouped into one folder? We are particularly interested in the bulk and scRNASeq for now.!Synapse:syn5553626

We have recently created a portal for easier access to the data generated through the PEC. Please see the [SingleCellRNAseq study]( which this data came from. Note the link under the study description for the single cell data used in Wang et al.,

Data access approvals are handled by the NIMH through the NIMH Repository and Genomics Resources. Instructions are on the study page. If you do not have access, and have questions about the process let me know.