1000genomes allele proves japanese ancestry?

I’ve been messaging the
list of contributors to the 1000genomes project to help me confirm the data
from you project is the proof I need in my search for japanese ancestry, and
would really appreciate your approval on whether what I’ve found is the
breakthrough I’ve been searching for.

Thanks to the help of a population geneticist from china who has a good set
of japanese allele at their disposal, she was able to find two japanese
specific allele. One of which is rs184214090 AG, i carry this one. And if
you take a look at ensembl/1000genomes population frequency you will see
that the AG allele is only found in the japanese sample.


I also spoke with Mr saitou naruya who is a very well cited japanese
geneticist and he told me that if I can find an allele that is specific
restricted to japan this is a good indication which is known as "private
polymorphism". Can you please give a quick confirmation to this whether I’ve
got this all right?

I agree with what Mr Saitou said about private polymorphism.