Article Problem LARVA

I am reading your article of “LARVA: an integrative framework for large-scale analysis of recurrent variants in noncoding annotations”.And I am really interest in it.But when I run the source code by following the intruductions,I meet some problems.

I put all files in the right places.And I do "make" command successfully,the picture is followed.

When you compile LARVA, the "larva" executable is created in the top level of the LARVA distribution, but it is NOT added to the PATH environment variable. Invoking the LARVA executable as you did would work if the "larva" executable was installed in a standard location like "/usr/bin" or "/usr/local/bin", but since the Makefile creates the executable in the same directory as the .cpp files, you need to invoke it with "./larva", so the Terminal knows to look for the executable in the current directory. Alternatively, you can add the LARVA code directory to your PATH variable like so:

export PATH=~/larva2/code:$PATH

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