We are running some docking and would like to use genodock for some experiments too. Is it something that we can install on our servers to run? who should we talk to for more details? I have also noticed that the server is currently down. We would actually like to even run on our cloud environment for some more intensive computation. Is there a github or sth or any documentation about it? or would you happen to know more about it?

The webserver was in a hung state at the moment, but will be back up shortly.

We are trying out Genodock on But unfortunately none of the models worked.

There’s enough file space in the device and nothing obviously and immediately stands out to me why the 77 print(….) line should fail. Nothing in his user history indicates that any other service should be running.

I restarted it and it now works. See below for details:

The error probably was due to the function ‘print’ which couldn’t find its stdout handle to log. I have restarted the server with this command:

nohup python3.6 runserver >nohup.out 2>&1 </dev/null &

This should be the same as how the server previously started:
root 25966 25965 0 2020 ? 00:00:00 python3.6 runserver
root 25968 25966 2 2020 ? 1-05:19:32 /usr/bin/python3.6 runserver

Hopefully the nohup, redirects and background execution, which previously may or may not have it all, together can prevent this problem from happening again. You probably know but just fyi, the way that it started (which is now restarted) might not be fully production level:

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