problem with server MolMovDB

It has been a while i am uploading my pdb files on morph server but did no receive any answer. I have checked both files and the atoms are the same. i am afraid what is the problem??

Is it possible to check my uploaded jobs and tell me what is the error causing the problem? it would be very helpful to solve my pdb files problem. Here is the code of last job 755599-30494.

There seems to be something wrong with your PDB files, because when we try running the single-chain server using other PDB pairs, it seems to work fine with those PDBs. For instance, when running the PDBs attached to this email, the following morph is generated (using Safari to visualize the morph):

At first glance, your PDBs do not seem to have chain fields. May we ask how you produced your PDB files? Would it be possible for you to re-build the files with the chain fields set to the letter "A" (or any other arbitrary letter)? Then we will continue from there.

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