Need help on 3v

I have been running the channel extraction utility of the 3v and I was able to analyze the results successfully using chimera.

However now I want to run on the multiple files by using the local copy of the program. So I just rerun the calculation for the test case to check if I get the same results as the server. But i am not able to do so. I have tried various option but nothing is seems to be working.

Please let me know if you have any suggestion.

the command that was run is on the server is:

Channel.exe -i 2016.aug31.c64.xyzr -b 10.000 -s 3.000 -t 1.500 -g 1.000 -x -57.519 -y -8.258 -z -52.322 -m 2016.aug31.c64.mrc

Can you compare it to what you were running locally?

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