molmovdb job 014670-22217

I submitted a job to your morph server but after 4-5 days it is not yet completed. Could you please check if there is a problem or if I made a mistake in my submission?

I just gave two PDB codes for different conformations of maltose-binding protein (MBP). The two codes were 1OMP and 3MBP. They are both monomers and have the same number of residues, but 3MBP has a ligand bound.

Indeed, it appears as if the issue has to do with PDB format irregularities. We have corrected these issues, and your morph may viewed by clicking the link below (please use Safari to view morphs, as Chrome and Firefox no longer support java):

Feel free to let us know if you experience any further difficulties. Also, if you like, we’d be happy to send you all of the accessory files associated with this morph.

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