Information about program code for ENCODE paper

During the last days I was reading your paper "Architecture of the human
regulatory network derived from ENCODE data".
I am doing something related and I am willing to perform your kind of
analysis in addition or to merge the two ideas somehow.
For this purpose I was looking for some program code that has been
published for the analysis of your work, but so far I just found the
workflow description in the SI.
In case it is possible, I would be delighted if you could share the
relevant code with me, which would make life much easier for me and my
analysis much quicker.
I would be primarily interested in everything that allows me to infer
the hierarchy diagrams for the TF network and the TF-miRNA network.
By the way: Is there any reason why you did not include histone
modification and DNA methylation data?

some code is associated with separate papers – eg see :

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