Temp issues w/Packing-Eff


I read your journal about Packing-Eff. I find it very informative and resourceful. I would like to try to use it on some protein models that i had built using comparative modelling (MODELLER).

However, when i try to access the website, Packing-Eff Online, I’m afraid it is down. Can you help me with the problem?

I am studying the packing of residues in proteins and tried online version
of "Packing-Eff". Unfortunately I could not find any relation between output
amino acid numbering or total number of residues and the input PDB file (I
used PDB: 451C). Is it normal?

It would be nice of you if you help me to solve this problem.

A1 & A2:
Sorry about this. We had briefly experienced a systems failure, but have since recovered. Try again now.

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