List of all PDB structures + chain IDs for motions database


I would like to have information on the list of PDB structures (with chain IDs) for the structure pairs used in the motions database. I saw that the zipped list file of IDs in the website did not have the chain ID. I was wondering if you have already compiled information available for this?

I was a bit confused by the format of the file available for download on MolMovDb website (List.txt.gz). Do you have a compiled list of just the motion pairs manually created and for which PDB structures are available? I am also specifically looking for the corresponding chain ID for each of the PDB structures. Any help would be appreciated!

Fairly recently, we virtualized MolMovDB, and this process
may have made it difficult to obtain some of the data files for which you’re
searching. This may also have played a role in the issue you bring up
about the

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