Data from 1000-Genomes Allele-Specific Binding Paper

I came across your lab’s paper Chen et al, 2015 in Nature Communications on allele-specific binding and expression in 1000-Genomes-Project individuals, and was hoping to integrate that data with some analysis on DHSs.

I found the data available on the site, and found the list of SNPs with significant ASB and ASE, but was wondering if you had the total list of SNPs queried in a format similar to the ASB and ASE tables. If not, do you know what the easiest way to assemble that from the data available on the site is?

All heterozygous SNVs of the individuals were queried for ASB/ASE and are available in the VCF format from the 1000 GP site. SNVs with high enough read coverage to be able to detect ASB and ASE events (‘accessible SNVs’) are available from under (3) and (4), respectively. These files are in a similar format to the tables with significant ASB/ASE events.

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