no output files from the multichain server

One of my friends recommended Molmovdb to me to calculate the morph conformation. As a test, I have successfully generated the morphing conformation from the single chain server.

Then I tried to use the "multichain server" to generate the morphing conformations of my target proteins last Friday. Everything goes well. However, I did not receive any mails reminding me the progress until today. So I am wondering if I should wait more days.

Just in case, I submitted the same job again today. The job No. is b337528-18153. Would you like to give me a favor to check the progress?

Thank you very much for your query, and for your interest in our server. We have been having problems with our server not sending emails, and we have a notice on our website notifying users about these email issues.

However, the good news is that you should still be able to access morphs. The best approach would be to just append your job ID to the standard URL. Thus, in your case, this would be:

If you are still unable to see your morphs, you may email me the structures, and I will try to generate them for you through our server.

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