list of LoF tolerant genes (140) and list of essential genes (115)

I read with great interest your exciting paper on "Interpretation of genomic variants using a unified biological network approach".
In the last section of the Results, you describe the validation of your logistic regression model using a list of 140 LoF-tolerant genes (McArthur et al 2012) and a list of 115 essential genes (Liao et 2008). Even though I also read both papers, I couldn’t really find the lists of genes mentioned above (e.g. the supplementary table of Liao’s essential genes lists 120 genes and not 115 genes)
So, I was wondering if you’d be so kind and share the list of 140 LoF-tolerant genes and the list of 115 essential genes.

In our plos comp bio paper in Supplementary Table S8 – the genes with significance_score=0 (second column) are LoF-tolerant genes and genes with significance_score=3 are Essential genes. This file contains 140 LoF-tol and 115 essential genes.

I think Liao et al reports 120 essential genes but with gene id conversions we lost 5 of them.

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