Preventing submissions on the morph server from becoming public

I understand that, by default, the structures I submit to your morph server become public on your database. However, I am submitting coordinates that have not yet been published, or which are commercial. Thus, I’d prefer that my submission not be made public. Can you help me?

We strongly discourage private submissions because they go against the spirit of the database, which is not only intended to provide free morphing to individual users, but also to serve as a browseable and searchable repository of morphs which are useful to others. We understand, however, that some morphs may reveal confidential information and so beyond moral suasion nothing prevents you from using the “Private” check box on our single- and multi-chain morph submission forms. This sets a flag in our database that tells our movie gallery page not to display the morph. Also, the search tool on our front page will not return it. The only way a member of the public could possibly find your morph is if they were able to intercept the email you got from our server with the link to it. We consider the probability that this will happen to be very low. Generally we cannot handle specific requests for further security unless as part of an official collaboration.

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